Who Has Private Dance Lessons?

Who Has Private Dance Lessons?

The London Academy Of Dance offers private dance lessons in London to anyone who may be interested in the fast track to dance success. There are a number of different reasons for people choosing to take private dance lessons and then there is the question of why they may choose to have their private dance lessons at The London Academy Of Dance.

The London Academy Of Dance offers private dance lessons in London seven days a week and boasts a team of experienced and in demand dance instructors. Private dance lessons are an ideal way to learn to dance because you get the undivided attention of a top teacher who will help you achieve your dancing goals. Although our clients range from complete beginners to experienced competitors, The London Academy of Dance has clients who take private dance lessons for five main reasons.

Wedding Dancers

The London Academy of Dance is very proud to say that we teach literally hundreds of people each year who are learning to dance for their first big day. Wedding dance lessons London give our clients the opportunity to learn a bespoke routine to the song of their choice. No matter how adventurous or how simple the dancers may want the routine to be, private dance lessons with The London Academy Of Dance takes into account other important factors such as the size of the dance floor, length of the music and any dress implications which may affect the chosen choreography. This is done to ensure that the first dance is as perfect as we can possibly make it.

Social/Hobby Dancer

Some of our clients are what we called social or hobby dancers. These are people who want to either just start dancing or perhaps they enjoy dancing socially or as a hobby and don't want to take their dancing to seriously as its more about fun than anything else. Private dance lessons allow this type of dancer to experience dancing with a top instructor to help them with leading and following and also to learn more interesting choreography for them to use on the dance floor.

Exam Students

The London Academy Of Dance is proud to be able to run examinations through the ISTD, IDTA and SDTA. This is a statement of the credibility of the studio to be in a position, not just to offer examinations through world renown and highly respected examination bodies, but to be able to have the choice of three such associations.

Our students often take private dance lessons to allow them to take medal tests and achieve their bronze, silver and gold medals. Private dance lessons allow the student to excel at their desired dance and at their specific level. Dances, levels and complexity of choreography is tailored towards the student who takes private dance lessons in comparison to students who join our group classes. In all group classes, the dances, steps and level has to suit the entire class and is not tailored towards each individual dancer.
This is why private dance lessons are ideal for the exam student.

Competition Students

Due to our students taking part in ISTD medal exams, we now have students who compete at a national level around the country. These students take their dancing far more seriously then our other students and although we still ensure that dancing is fun, private dance lessons for competitive dancers pushes the student to be as good as possible and to be able to compete against other students from all over the UK.
Private dance lessons for the competitive student is vital due to the nature of developing such a high standard of dancing. No competition dancer could achieve or maintain high levels of dancing with out private dance lessons.

Teacher Training

Due to the nature of our reputation as one of the UKs leading dance schools and the fact that all teachers are current or former competitive dancers we often have people taking private dance lessons with our Principal, British Champion Greg Gillespie, who want to learn how to become or be a better teacher. The London Academy Of Dance has its own training program which trains its teachers to the highest possible standard to maintain the high levels of teaching and the excellent reputation it enjoys today.

How To Book

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If you're interested in taking private dance lessons with The London Academy of Dance or if you just want to find out more about us and how it all works, email us at: contact@thelondonacademyofdance.com

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