Who Has Ballroom Dancing Classes in London

Who Has Ballroom Dancing Lessons in London?

There are numerous different reasons as to why people try ballroom dancing lessons in London. Learning to dance is not just a great why to keep fit and be active but its also a great chance to build a social circle around something you enjoy.

Tuition, at The London Academy Of Dance, is available to anyone interested in ballroom dancing lessons in London.

This can range from the nervous beginner to someone looking to compete at a national level. We also cater for couples looking to learn their first dance for their wedding.

Complete Beginners

If you've never danced before and would prefer to try group classes, then our three week Introductory course is the place to start. Of all the possible ballroom dancing lessons in London, this course is tailored to the beginner dancer who has little or no previous dance experience.
You will learn the basics of three different styles of dance and will then be guided on to what class or course would be suitable for you once you have completed the Introductory level.


For those dancers who have done some pervious dancing and have experience of other classes, our four week Intermediate classes would be best for you. These classes give students a far more detailed and in depth look at each dance and our classes are some of the best ballroom dancing lessons in London for those looking to continue thier knowledge in a group class environment.
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Social Dance

Every three months, we run a social dance night at our studio in Canary Wharf, which gives those have attended ballroom dancing lessons in London, the chance to practice their moves in a social environment.
This social night is a relaxed and informal evening which often includes performances from Academy students and teachers.

Medal Classes

For those who are looking to take their dancing a little more seriously then our series of medal classes are the way forward. This class give students the chance to take graded exams in Ballroom and Latin dancing. Contact the office for more information.

Showcase Performance

Our showcase performance takes place during the dance night which runs every three months. We offer the opportunity for some of our private dance lesson students to perform in front of an audience of family and friends. Performing at our showcase evening is a great target to aim for for our private dance lesson students.

If you're interested in taking private dance lessons in London then simply fill in the form at the back on the website and we'll send you some more information.

How To Book

For more information on the ballroom dance lessons in London run by the Academy, email us at: bookings@thelondonacademyofdance.com or go to the contact us page at the back of the website.