Scared of doing a Wedding Dance?

When a new client comes into the studio for their first lesson, there is one thing in particular that concerns someone who is interested in taking wedding dance lessons and will worry about when they will come for the free trial class. Most of them (especially guys) are too concerned if they will be able to dance at all. More often that not, we hear from new clients the two phrases that sums up what most people new to dancing are fearful of: their potential lack of ability. Clients like these will often say say: ’'I have two left feet'' or ''I have never danced before''

I think this happens because every time they see a wedding dance or a dance routine they see the final result without having any experience of the process that came first in order to create the final result. Students don’t know the process that goes on “behind the scenes" and they sometimes think that maybe they will have to learn and dance a complete routine straight away without any preparation.

By the end of their first wedding dance lesson, students always realise that this is not the case at all. In the lesson we always start from the basics and we take it slowly, at a pace that suits them. We will teach them a few things at a time and only teach as much as each couple can learn or want in a teaching session.

Therefore students end up finding the process of learning how to dance very enjoyable. It is quite satisfying for them to see that dancing is not something difficult and actually it is well with in their ability, not just to do it but to do it well.

It is perfectly true that anyone can dance. All you need to do is try and you will see that is is not difficult as the teaching process is totally adjusted to each different student skills and learning pace.

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