Free 30 Minute Lesson – What To Expect

Free 30 Minute Lesson - What To Expect

In this post, I'm going to explain what you can expect to happen during your free 30 minute dance lesson.

Free 30 minute dance lessons are available for those who are interested in wedding dance lessons or private dance lessons. In this blog I'll focus on the process for those interested in first dance lessons.

Your Time

Firstly, the lesson is a chance for you to take advantage of a few things: Try out any song choices, learn a few dance moves and see which you prefer.


You can bring along any number of song choices you may have in mind for your first dance. Your instructor will listen to them and advise you on which are the most suitable for you. They will take into account your own circumstances such as size of dance floor, what sort of dance you have in mind and how long there is between your lesson and the wedding.

Dance Styles

Your instructor will then teach you a few moves from a particular dance style that suits you chosen choice of song or best fits a few song choices if you haven't, by this time, decided what song if for you.

Your Trying Us

Perhaps the most important aspect of your free 30 minute lesson is to realise that the class is a chance for you to try and experience the school with no cost and no future commitment. 

Its important to us that potential customers get the chance to try the school, our instructors and experience the way that we teach. Although we have taught thousands of people to dance since we opened our doors in 2005, and have countless testimonials from happy couples, we welcome all potential new students the chance to experience the way we teach for free before committing to any lessons.

If you're interested in booking a trial lesson with us, visit the relevant page on our website where you can go online, view our availability and book a lesson at a time that suits you.

This blog was written by TLAD Principal Greg Gillespie. Greg is an ISTD Fellow, a former British Champion and is the founder of the school.


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