How To Be A Fantastic Follower Part 1

Three Steps to Being a Fabulous Follower

In this video, I’m going to be giving you my 3 top tips on how to be a fabulous follower.

My first top tip is to understand exactly what you are responsible for.
And what I mean by that, is to understand your steps in as much detail as possible. So I say to my students that you need to understand your steps as if you are dancing in an ideal world. So for example, there’s no one on the floor, there’s no other stress going off, there’s no other problems, you dance your step, you know how much turn there is, you know what the timing is, you know all the details that go with it. Because if you understand where you are doing, you’re in a far better place to follow a lead and be a better follower.

There are number of times I have students that come in either on their own, or they come in as a couple and there’s a problem with the subject of leading or following. The first question I ask is what are you doing? And quite often, they don’t know. Well if they don’t know what they are doing there’s going to be a problem regardless of the quality of the lead. So my first point is make sure you understand exactly what it is that you are supposed to be doing.

My second top tip is to make sure you understand what you are doing and how it relates to your partner.

It’s all very well doing it on your own or doing it in your own ideal world scenario. It has to be danced with somebody else. So for example, if you are dancing ballroom and you are changing from a close position to a promenade position, understand what that means in relation to your partner.

If you are dancing Latin American let’s say that you’re dancing a Rumba and you’re in a fan position, understand how being in the fan position works in relation to a partner. So the first thing is to understand what you are doing, and the second thing is to understand how that relates to the person that you are dancing with.

My third top tip is then to be aware that this has to change and adapt when you get on the dance floor.
On the dance floor there’s going to be other couples, the floor might be sticky, it might be slippery, the music may be too quick, it might be too slow. There are loads of factors that will impact how you dance.
So the three stages are, to understand what it is that you’re doing, understand how that relates to your partner, and then when you get out dancing, be aware that all of those things are going to change.

So for example, if you have a particular step, that you know it’s a certain amount of turn, and you know that the start of the step you’re in position A with your partner and at the end you’re in position B with your partner, when you get on the dance floor maybe there’s another couple in the way and you have to overturn it or under turn it, in order to get around the floor, be aware that those factors will change. So the more informed you are on what you are doing, how it relates to your partner, and how it works in the dance floor, the better the follower you will be.
So to recap my three top tips to being a fabulous follower, first of all be aware of what your job is. Be totally, totally clear on what steps you are doing, how much turn need to, what your timing is. Because the clearer you are and what your responsibilities, the better it would be for you to follow and ultimately for the leader to lead you.
My second top tip was to understand how what you are doing relates to your partner. Because after all you are in a partnership and everything you’re doing has to involve the other person. So always be aware how what you are doing relates to your partner.

The third point is to be aware that when you get on the dance floor everything might change. So the amounts of turn, people getting in your way, the floor maybe sticky it maybe slippery, so you are able to adapt what you are doing with your partner so you can dance around the dance floor.
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