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Why Choose Us?

What makes the London Academy Of Dance so unique?

Learn More With Us

Because we are a full time professional school, which only employs and trains professional teachers we believe that we are in a position to be able to teach more steps and at a higher quality than other venues in London which means that our students will be able to go out and hit the dance floor after their very first class. 

Learn From Qualified Professionals

All of our teachers have dance teaching qualifications or have gone through our teacher training school before they teach any of our clients. Due to the high standard of teaching offered at our school, we believe that this means that our students will not only leaner more in their lessons with us but they will learn more details which will enable them to get better far quicker than other venues in London.

Established in 2007

We've been teaching people to dance since we first started teaching in 2007. Since then thousands of people have come through our doors to learn to dance with us. Whether they have joined a beginners class, learned to dance for their wedding or competed around the country, our school offers the highest quality dance tuition for anyone wanting to learn to dance since 2007. 

Family History 

Former principal Greg Gillespie (ISTD Fellow and former British Champion) comes from a family of dancers and dance teachers. His family have four generations of dancers and dance teachers that go back as far as the 30s and 40s on two different sides of his family tree. Greg's parents are also professional dance teachers and have run the Gillespie School Of Dance in Nottingham for over 30 years. Click here to visit their site.

If you're interested in trying our Salsa Lessons London, click on the link for more information or have a look at our private dance lessons London page if you would prefer one to one rather than group class tuition.