Salsa Lessons London – Our Stucture

Salsa Lessons London - Our Structure

Our Salsa lessons have  very clear and focused structured and our classes run in accordance with a process that we believe benefits our students by: enabling them to learn more and at a quicker pace.

To learn more about the Salsa lessons we offer visit our specific Salsa page at: Salsa Lessons London. This page also has a button to click in order to check availability and book your place.


We have monthly Salsa courses which offer a clear progression for students from Beginner to Advanced level. Each course we teach a different set of figures in Salsa which means students who attend numerous courses will be learning new sets of figures and choreography at each time.


The aim of our classes is to get everybody who attends our class and courses able to go and dance with confidence, regardless of their level, at a Salsa club or bar in London. By the end of one of our courses our students will know and understand a variety of different steps which will enable them to hit the dance floor knowing exactly what is is they are doing.

Leading and Following

Partnering skills are an essential part of learning to dance, especially for those who are looking to go and dance at Salsa events in London and will therefore be dancing with a number of different people and partners. 

All of the classes we run have a very clear focus on how dancers should lead and follow in theory and then that theory is applied to the steps in ensure that all of our students become confident at leading and following in the class and when out dancing at other events.


Along with the importance of leading and following and understanding a variety of different steps, we like to teach our students a certain aspect of the technical side of dancing Salsa to make them look even better when on the dance floor and be a better partner for who ever it is they are dancing with. 


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