Social or Rhythm Foxtrot

Social or Rhythm Foxtrot

In this blog, we'll explain the differences between the different types of Foxtrot.

There are actually two different types of Foxtrot but by three different names. Firstly, theres the Social or Rhythm Foxtrot and then there is the Slow Foxtrot.

Social or Rhythm

The Social or Rhythm Foxtrot is the same dance, it just has two different names. This Foxtrot is not so much a different style of the dance but its a name given to the easiest way of dancing to a song which is considered a Foxtrot.

In essence, its a certain number of steps which are taught in order to teach the basic principles of the Slow Foxtrot but in an accessible format.

The gap between social and slow Foxtrot is so large that the social/rhythm Foxtrot allows the dancer to start to use the important fundamental techniques needed to master the Slow Foxtrot.

Mind The Gap

The reason for having an easier version before the main version of a dance style is that the Slow Foxtrot is just too hard a starting point. Unlike the Waltz, where the basic Waltz is very accessible to the dancer, the basic Slow Foxtrot is just too technical and complicated as a starting point for  a new dancer.

Of course this is at the discretion of the teacher but in 99 out of 100 cases, I'm sure the teacher will introduce the Social Foxtrot before moving on to the Slow Foxtrot.

Slow Foxtrot

Why is is so difficult? That subject alone but be a series of blog posts but in short the Slow Foxtrot has complexities across all areas of the dance with for the new dancer might just be too challenging to start with.

Just one example of this would be the differing footwork for the Man and Lady. Where as in a basic Waltz, the foot work for the Man and Lady are the normal opposite so if the Man goes up on a toe, so would the Lady.

In Slow Foxtrot the Man and Lady often have completely different footwork danced at the same time. This means that the level of skill need by the dancers, in order to just "cope" with the step let alone dance it well, is higher than other dances.

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