How Often Should I Take Private Lessons?

How Often Should I Take Private Lessons?

A question so commonly asked by customers of our wedding dance lessons and private lessons is how often should they book them in?

The honest answer is that it is different for everyone and it depends on a few factors. But for example if the student is a wedding couple looking to learn a first dance for their wedding, then the factors are very clear.

When is the Wedding?

If the wedding is some time away then it is better to either spread the lessons over a longer period of time or wait to take the lessons and book them closer together in the run up to the big day. So for example if someone has bought a 5 lesson package and they have 5 weeks before the big day, we would recommend that they have a lesson every week.

If the same couple, with 5 lessons, weren't getting married for six months. We would suggest either booking the 5 lessons in the 5 or 6 weeks before the wedding day or, if they were really keen to start learning, we would recommend that they have maybe one or two lessons in the first few months and then keep the remain 3 lessons in the month before the wedding itself.


The key issue is not just the time to the wedding, but the time they have to practice. Some couples ask to have all 5 or more lessons crammed into the last two weeks. Whilst this can be done, it adds a lot of pressure onto the dancers and doesn't leave any time for what they have learnt to settle in.


Another key factor that will influence the progress of the lessons is how much a couple or individual dances outside of the studio. In the example of wedding couples this means that to have a week or two weeks between lessons means that they can practice what they have learnt in their previous class and make sure they are prepared for the next one.

By doing this the dancers will make the most of the time they have with their instructor and ensure that they are learning new steps and techniques rather than having to spend time going over what has previously been taught.

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