My Experience of Private Dance Lessons

My Experience Of Having Private Dance Lessons

Armand BothaArmand Botha, a teacher at the London Academy Of Dance, explains his own experience of the benefit of private dance lessons in his monthly blog. If you’ve been searching for private dance lessons London or wedding dance lessons London click on the links for more information.

When I started my career in dancing I attended group lessons as I enjoyed the social environment and it gave me the opportunity to learn the different dances.  After a few months I had progressed and was ahead of the rest of my class and I wanted to learn more steps than I was learning in the class. Due to the different levels in the class it was not always possible so I decided to take up some private lessons.  

The school I went to had a special offer to all new students wanting to try out private lessons.  It was perfect as it was affordable and I could fit it in around my schedule rather easily. The lessons were just what I wanted as it was focused around me wanting to learn more steps based on my level of dancing. 

My dancing reached a new level as every lesson focused on different topics. Every topic not only enhanced my technique of dancing but I got to experience an understanding around the art of leading and following. I enjoyed having all the attention from my instructor, i ask as many questions as I wanted and most importantly I could make mistakes with out feeling embarrassed as I sometimes did in a group class. I could also learn all the steps at my pace.  

I now dance bespoke choreography with great technique and an embodied understanding related to the nuances of the specific dance.  My lessons took me from Mr Ordinary to Mr Extraordinaire and filled me with confidence on the dance floor.  

I would recommend private lessons to anyone who wanted to progress at a faster speed than what they would experience in a group class. Its also great for people who are perhaps a bit nervous about attending group classes as they will get personal attention from their teacher. My working schedule is also very busy so private lessons meant that I could book lessons around my work and family commitments.

The London Academy of Dance also offers Ballroom Dancing Lessons London in the form of group classes so if you would prefer to learn in a group environment, click on the link above for more information.

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