How To Be A Fabulous Follower Part 2

3 Steps to Being a Fabulous Follower Part 2

In my previous video on how to be a fabulous follower, I gave you three tips which have had such a good response I’ve decided to make another video.

On this occasion I’m going give you three more fabulous tips on how to be a wonderful follower.

So my first top tip is to: Learn How to Wait.

It’s a really difficult counterintuitive thing to do, but it would really help you be a fabulous follower. I think that being a follower is actually harder that being a leader, because if you wait too long, you brought the man in doing the next step because you delay the figure. If you move too early, you also brought the figure that maybe he hasn’t led. So the ability to wait, is really, really difficult, because it will set you apart from all the other dancers out there. So my first top tip for being a fabulous follower part 2, is to make sure you learn how to wait.

My second top tip is to: Be Clear

Even though you're the follower, its still important that you know exactly what the lead is. There are number of times I look at this in a lesson where someone has a problem in following and I say “What is the lead then? What is it that you’re looking for?” And they don’t know, and therefore they are never going be able to follow it particularly well. So I think it’s really important that even though the emphasis is on following, is that the follower understands the leader and knows exactly what they are looking for.

My third top tip is to: Trust Your Partner.

It is so tempting to try and help him out and try to do things for him particularly, when you know he got so many things in his mind. But this causes more problems, because you become a bit of a backseat driver. And often when this happens, the guy is trying to do one thing and the follower thinks he’s trying to do something else, and she does something else, and that causes more problems and therefore more confusion. So the best thing to do is trust the leader, and let him get on with the job that he has got and try and support him in that journey rather than hindering him. Remember that helping him actually causes more problems.
So to recap, My three top tips on how to be a fabulous follower part 2.

Number one, make sure you learn how to wait. It’s really counterintuitive, but it’s very, very important that you’re in a position to be led.

The second thing is to understand what you are looking for. So understand what the lead is, if you don’t know what the lead is for a particular figure, then, you need to find out. Because it doesn’t matter how good the leading is, if you don’t know what it is, you’re gonna miss it.
The third thing is to trust the guy. Let him get on with his job, and it is pretty counterintuitive to be relatively passive when you are dancing, but the more you are trying to help the man, often the more problems that you cause.

I really hope that these three extra tips will help you in continuing to be a fabulous follower.

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