Do I need a partner?

Do I need a partner?

In my opinion.....No. but having said that, it does depend on your level, what your overall aim is and the philosophy of the school your attending or the teacher your having lessons with. But my belief generally speaking is no, you don’t need a partner to start dancing or, more importantly to improve. In fact, if the goal is the improve then a partner could hold you back.

I passionately believe that dancing, as with most or arguably all things in life, is about personal responsibility and the misconception that you need a partner in order to dance is often a point of view that just defers responsibility to a circumstantial factor.

If you’re a beginner dancer attending a social dance evening then obviously yes you do need to have a partner to take part in the dance evening or there needs to be someone who has also attended that may like to dance with you.

Other than the situation mentioned above you don’t need a partner to start dancing. Obviousy there are lots of different levels of dance and aims for the dancer but to give you just one situation that proves that you can “fly solo” as a dancer is below.

Firstly, when a beginner student starts to learn to dance, there are so many different things for them to try and understand. The idea that simply by having physical contact with another human being will somehow make you better is utterly ludicrous. When we start dancing we will have different strong points and week points we are unique to us in the same way that everyone else will have strong and weak points. Its important that the student is focussed on their own dancing to begin with. Often when one beginner dances with another beginner even more problems occur as both dancers will have different strengths and weaknesses and its very common that on dancer actually causes the other dancer to have other weaker points as neither of them are competent (yet) to get over these first stage hurdles.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t dance with a partner as a beginner dancer but the point I’m making is that it won’t necessarily help you. Improving as a dancer is all about personal responsibility so if you’ve got a partner, then go out and enjoy dancing together but remember that its down to you and not because of the other other person to get better.

If you don’t have a partner.....don’t worry. You might meet one along the way but until you do, theres no reason at all why you can’t join your local class or start taking private tuition. Its down to you to improve and not having a partner should actually speed up that process as theres only you, and no one else, to think about.

Get out there dancing, theres no more excuses......

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