Choosing The Right Dance School

3 Steps For Choosing The Right Dance School.

TLAD Principal Greg Gillespie gives his three top tips for finding the right dance school for you.

In this blog, I’m going to be giving you my three top tips on Choosing the Right Dance School. There is so much choice out there for dance schools, particularly in London, but actually all over the country. We found that all of our students, when they came to us, said that they’d had problems trying to find the right place. So in this video and blog, I’m going to give you three tips to help you find a suitable school that suits your dancing needs.

Is it a qualified school? To me this is really important. If you are looking for a dance school to attend, please make sure that it is a qualified dance school. And what I mean by that is that either the principal or the teachers are linked to a reputable examination society. Our school is linked to the IDTA, the ISTD, and the STDA and I think it’s really important that you go somewhere where you know that the teachers that are teaching you have passed the relevant qualifications.

Do your research. Go on internet and have a look for testimonials and reviews. They should give very honest and very open accounts of the school that you are thinking of attending. This should help you decide whether the school is right for you and whether it is worth investigating any further. So go on to the internet, do some research, and try and find some testimonials and reviews from real customers on the school you’re thinking of joining.

Have a look at who is running the business. And I feel really, really strongly about this, because I think that the person at the top of the school should be a reflection of the values of that business and of those teachers and an ambassador for what the school stands for. Obviously I feel very strongly about this because I do it myself in front of the camera when I put myself forward at being the ambassador of this school. But for me, if there’s someone at the top of the school who isn’t a dancer, isn’t a teacher, isn’t involved in the dance industry and who has no relevant qualifications, I don’t think that that’s a positive thing. I believe that this is a bad thing because it doesn’t necessarily reflect good values to the teachers in the school and therefore, onto the students. My third tip is to make sure you have a look at who is in charge of the school, because that should be a pretty honest reflection of what you’ll experience in the studio.

So to recap my 3 Top Tips for Choosing the Right Dance School:

Number one is to check to see if the dance school is accredited or affiliated with the world’s leading dance teaching associations. This will be a reflection of what you’re going to be taught, and how you’re going to be taught. So I think it’s really important that you go to a school that has the relevant qualifications.

The second point was to do your research. Go on to the internet and look for testimonials, and look for reviews because there going to be a very honest reflection of what the school is like from the point of view of the customer.

The third tip is to look for who is in charge of the school and I feel really strongly about this. If the person at the top of the school is not a dancer, not a dance teacher, hasn’t any involvement in the dance industry at all and the school is just a faceless business, then be careful. I don’t always think that this reflects very positively on the values that the studio stands for, and therefore what you can expect from the school. So always look to see who is in charge and what is it exactly that they stand for.

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