Be a Better Ballroom Dancer – Summary

Be a Better Ballroom Dancer - Summary

In this blog I'm going to recap my previous top tips on how to be a better ballroom dancer.

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Make notes.

The reason why you should make notes is so you’ll be getting the most out of your lessons. So you know what you’re practicing, and also say you’re absolutely specific on every aspect of what you’re doing. It’s also something what years later you could go back to and have a look. So I encourage all of my students to make notes in the lesson or shortly after living the lesson so they get it all down on paper.


There are number of times that student would come into the studio and they are just not mentally switched on. Prior to getting on the floor, be clear about what it is you’re trying to do. So just sitting on a tube or in a coffee shop thinking about dancing, although it is not physical practice, it would certainly help the process. So being clear in your mind, has a better chance of coming through into the body.

Be able to talk about it.

In order to get it physically into the body it has to be into the brain. And to make it clearer in the brain, I think it’s really important that you can talk about it. Talking about it also highlights what you don’t know, so if you can talk about it and be absolutely crystal clear what it is you are trying to achieve, it will be into the brain and there’s a better possibility of it getting into the body.

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Be aware of the space.

You don’t really need to be in the studio to practice there are so many things you can do at home or so many things you can do. Just like the story about the guy being at work and having better posture sat at his desk. You don’t need lots of space to be able to practice and therefore become a better ballroom dancer.

Realise you don’t need a partner to get better.

You don’t really need a partner to practice. There’s absolutely no excuse for you to be as brilliant as you could possibly want to be. It is not dependent on somebody else. So if you want to practice you don’t have to have a partner to practice. Obviously there are certain things you can only do with a partner, but there are so many things you can do to practice on your own. So do you really need a partner to practice?

Consider time.

How much time do you need? Just a few little minutes every day would add up overtime and reinforce a positive change.

We hope to see you dancing in the studio soon.

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