Advice for Wedding Couples

Rebecca Hadrill writes a blog for all those wedding couples who are considering learning to dance for their big day. If you've been looking for wedding dance lessons London then have a read of the blog below and contact us to book in your free trial dance lesson. Greg Gillespie FISTD

Advice for wedding couples

Wedding season is upon us and a lot of our wedding couples are busy learning their first dance. I would like to offer some advice to couples who are considering coming for lessons to prepare for this momentous occasion. Firstly – the music! Some couples come to us not knowing what music to dance to and looking for suggestions which is absolutely fine and we are more than happy to accommodate. Having said that, I think because it is your first dance together as a married couple, why not try picking a song that you both love, has some meaning for both of you or something you feel is a comfortable pace for you to dance to? Some people like to mix the music and learn different dances styles to different songs which of course is an option. This leads me on to my second point - what are your expectations? Be realistic – how much time have you got to practice and to learn the steps? Ask yourself what dance experience do I have and am I being realistic expecting myself to carry out some of the highly skilled figures or moves I have seen professional dancers do? Maybe you like a challenge and in that case – go for it! Thirdly – performance! Remember, this is your dance and you have put the time and effort into learning your routine so I say relax and enjoy this special moment when you get to the dance floor!!

What to expect in A free introductory lesson

We offer free 30 minute introductory lessons for anyone interested in trying out some steps and to get a taste of what a lesson is like. When coming for your lesson, we ask that you wear comfortable clothes and footwear and a smile. We like to keep these lessons fun and to learn a bit about your interests and tell you what we can offer you. Whether you are interested in lessons for fun, exercise, a challenge, confidence or just time out from a busy life – we can help. We usually keep the steps simple and go at a reasonable pace for the client. So why not try a free 30 minute lesson and see where your feet take you!

If you've been looking for private dance lessons London, click on the link below to find out more about what it is that we offer. 

If you're interested in learning to dance for your wedding then click on the link below to find out more about how we can help you. Wedding dance lessons London.

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