Private Dance Lessons – FAQ

Private Dance Lessons FAQs

New students normally ask a range of different questions about private dance lessons in London at The London Academy Of Dance and thats why we've listed the most commonly asked questions with answer for you to have a look at.

If there are any questions that you may have about private dance lessons in London with The London Academy Of Dance then simply contact our office at:

Do I need a partner to have private dance lessons?

No. Private dance lessons are either for single individuals or couples so if you don't have a partner then you can still come along and ejoy the lesson. In fact, most of our clients are actually single dancers as they end up learning more with their teaching than of they were with their boyfriend/girlfriend.

The only thing to remember is that private dance lessons at The London Academy Of Dance are not for three or more people, as this would be a small class, and they are also not for people who dance the same role. For example if two ladies want private dance lessons they either have to be dancing as a couple or they will need separate private dance lessons so if you want to learn dancing with a friend, who won't be your dance partner, then private dance lessons are not for you.

Do you teach "same sex" couples?

Of course! We have taught numerous same sex couples through private dance lessons who are learning for their civil partnership dance or just for fun. Absolutely everyone is welcome at The London Academy Of Dance just as long as you're willing to learn and are respectful and courteous to your teacher and those around then absolutely anyone can come along.

What hours are private dance lessons available?

The London Academy Of Dance is open seven days a week. During the week lessons are available from 4pm-10pm depending on each teachers availability. We do have classes during week nights so private dance lessons can sometimes take place before or after them but as a general rule we are always open for private dance lessons.
At the weekend, we open from 10am to 6pm.

How long is each lesson?

Each lesson is 60 minutes long and this time includes any administration such as booking future lessons and payments.

Can I have two lessons in one go?

Yes you can have two hour slots but we don't recommend that for the beginner dancer as one hour is more than enough to begin with. If after starting to take private dance lessons you feel you are able to handle two hours of lessons then this can be arranged.

I'm a single female, can I have a male teacher?

Yes. All teachers have their own client base so you'll have to fit into their availability but if you want a male teacher that can be arranged.

However, a number of our female clients do prefer to have a female teacher. Just because you're teacher is a female is doesn't necessarily mean that you will be dancing with them all lesson or at all. You can learn just as much with a female teacher as you can a male teacher. After all think of what you can learn from a British champion such as Lubomira Petkova. She has lots of female clients.

What dances can I learn in my private dance lessons?

Any dances you want. The London Academy Of Dance offer private dance lessons in Ballroom, Latin, Salsa and Argentine Tango. As long as one want to learn something from these styles of dance then private dance lessons will accelerate you're development in that chosen style.

What will the pace of the private dance lessons be?

The pace will be tailored to your progress. If you pick things up really quickly then private dance lessons allow you to learn as much as you can cope with. If you want to go slower and take your time then thats all fine. Essentially with private dance lessons you can learn to dance at a pace that suits you.

The more you learn with The London Academy Of Dance the more you will get to know your instructor so if at any time you want to go back over previously learnt figures or you want to move on learn more challenging steps then simply tell your tutors who will be only too happy to help you guide you on your way to dance success.

What if I have to miss a class?

We do have a 48 hour cancellation policy for private lessons so as long as you move or cancel your private dance lesson 48 hours in advance of the booked lesson there is no charge. If you have to cancel within 48 hours then we have to charge for the missed lesson as its too short notice to fill the lesson time and we of still paying for rent of that floor space. We our group classes, we have a non refundable and non transferable policy.

What shoes shall I wear?

If you have proper dance shoes thats great. If not then don't worry. Most of our students who are new to dancing come straight from work so for men, smart office shoes are fine and for women low heels or flats will be suitable. The only thing we ask is that you don't wear trainers or shoes with a rubber sole as you can stick to the floor and also that you don't take your shoes off when you're in the studio. We don;t allow dancing in socks or bare feet.

How much do they cost?

Private dance lessons can vary in cost depending on who the lesson is with, how many lessons you have and whether you choose to pay as you go or purchase a pre paid discounted package.

Are they suitable for beginners?

Private dance lessons London with The London Academy Of Dance,  are ideal for beginners. Our experienced team of instructors all have beginner students as clients and are able to make the most nervous student feel at ease.

Are they suitable for wedding dances?

Yes. Clients who have been searching for wedding dance lessons London should not take group classes as they are not specific enough. Private dance lessons in London are ideal for wedding clients as you will be able to get of the help of your instructor in choosing a suitable song. All other factors such as dance style, length, choreography etc is tailored to your requirements, budget and timescale.

Can you help me find a dance partner?

There are numerous people at the Academy and we have on occasions introduce certain students to each other in order to help them achieve their dancing goals. We also now offer a unique partner class, where students can dance with one of our professional teachers.

Will you share my personal details?

No. We have a policy of keeping all clients details private. We will not share or sell you details to a third party.

How can i book private dance lessons?

To find out more about private dance lessons at The London Academy Of Dance, email our office at:

We can also put you in touch with a number of students who would be happy to give thier experience of our Academy as a reference.

Our office will send you some more information about lessons along with the availability of our teachers so you can get booked in ASAP.