Our Wedding Dance Lessons London

Our Wedding Dance Lessons in London

All teachers at The London Academy Of Dance are highly experienced teachers with years of experience of teaching bespoke first dance lessons. Whether you want a first dance extravaganza or you just want to be able to shuffle around the floor with a few basic steps, our wedding dance lessons, will enable you to reach your dancing goals.

All of the teachers who teach our wedding dance lessons are full time professional teachers who hold teaching certificates with the worlds leading dance teaching associations. Our team of teachers are able to teach you a dance or a variety of dances that compliment your unique choice of music.

All of our teachers will consider the following when teaching first dance lessons in London.

Choice of song

When it comes to the choice of song, we believe, that as long as long as your song has a clear beat, we can give you choreography to suit it.

In contrast, for our exam students or our competitive students we have to be very strict on what sort of choreography we can give them mainly because there events are under the scrutiny of an exam board. We have to chose very specific steps for them from the professional syllabus.

For first dance lessons, there are no rules. Therefore, if you choose a song that isn't strict temp music, we can break the rules of certain dances, if required, to enable you to have a dance that fits your chosen song.

In short, we tell our students to pick a song that they like rather than they think is a suitable choice to dance to. As long as the student likes the song and it has a beat, we can make it work for you.

Size of dance floor

The size of the floor is a really important factor for our teachers to consider when teaching first dance lessons in London. If the floor is large enough, we will be able to give you choreography that allows you to dance around the floor such as a Waltz or Foxtrot for example.
If the floor is on the smaller side, its better to learn a stationary dance such as the Rumba, Cha Cha Cha or Jive.

The last thing you want is to attend first dance lessons in London, learning a certain dance and routine, only for you to get to the venue and it not be able to fit in.

Time available to teach

We understand that planning a wedding is a big and stressful project. Therefore its important to be aware that you might not have as much time as you want to learn to dance. For us it doesn't matter how many lessons you have but It does matter that you use them productively and you're aware that, what you may want to learn for your first dance lessons in London, will be affected by how much time you have to commit to them.

For example, If you want an extravagant 5 minute version of Dirty Dancing, then this won't be done in a few hours of tuition. If like most people, you just want to learn a few steps and gett around the floor looking good then a few hours would probably be more than enough for you to achieve this.
We can help you achieve your goals with first wedding dance lessons in London, but its important that you're aware of what needs to be put in in order to achieve them.

Any dress implications

We certainly don't want any changes to your dress for the big day but there are certain issues which your teacher will need to know in order to give you suitable choreography for your first dance lessons in London.

For example, if the bride is wearing a head dress then this may effect whether they can dance underarm turns. A dress with a 10 foot train behind it could also effect how easy it is for the bride to dance as stepping backwards might be an issue.

What ever the style of the bride's dress, all the teachers at The London Academy of Dance, will be able to help you during your first dance lessons in London to make sure that you have the first dance you want on your special day.

Other Tuition

If you've been looking for private dance lessons London then click on the link to go to our dedicated page about private lessons. Private lessons can also be taken for fun or for any other reason other than for your first dance. 
For information about our beginners ballroom dancing lessons in London click on the link to see our group classes.


For  more information or for any questions email us at contact@thelondonacademyofdance.com