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Times are calling for Virtual Fitness!

As our whole reality has changed these days and more and more people are isolating at home we come to realize how appreciative we should have been, when we could go out for a coffee with a friend, when we could go to a restaurant for dinner, when we could visit the gym and push our fitness levels, join a class with so many other people that were there to better themselves, when you could go to a dance group class or go out social dancing!

Online classes will help you maintain mindfulness, will not let you quit your dance and fitness goals and will help you distress. Studies also show that the happier you are, the better your immune system is! So there you go! Live online classes from home give us a way to touch base, join forces with people who do not want to stop practicing their dance skills, or quit their fitness journey, those who want to keep their mind healthy as well as their bodies. Help us to help you, together we can get through this!

We now offer Private Online Live Dance classes as well. For more information please email

We will be hosting Online Livestream Classes for both Dance and for Fitness. Please see below:

Dance Online Classes

Ladies Styling for Bachata - Online Livestream Class

Fitness Online Classes

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