How To Book Wedding Dance Lessons

How To Book Your Wedding Dance Lessons

The wedding dance lessons in London, taught in our studios in Canary Wharf, are available by contacting our office for the next available appointment. As a new student you can try our free 30 minute lesson before committing to any paid lessons.

Wedding dance lessons London, are available from a variety of different sources. The London Academy Of Dance offers first class tuition in the form of private dance lessons for any students who are looking to learn to dance for their special day.

There are two ways to book in your wedding dance lessons in London with us:

The easiest thing to do is to click on the button below and that will tai you through to our online payment page.


Otherwise you can book in your lessons by following the steps below:

1. Email us at or fill in the form at the back of the website.
Let us know when your wedding is, when you're available for your trail lesson and a suitable number to contact you on.

2. We will then email/call you, to answer any questions you may have about wedding dance lessons in London. Should you wish to continue and book in your free 30 minute lesson, we will then let you know what times are available and get you booked in.

3. When you come in for your lesson your teacher will go through any music choices you may have, teach you some steps and answer any questions you may have.

4. At the end of the lesson you will be given some details on lesson costs and booking procedure etc.
The free 30 minute lesson, that any wedding couple can book, is a no obligation lesson. The Academy is very relaxed about new students and wants students to return to the Academy because they enjoyed the lesson and felt that it was the best option for them for wedding dance lessons in London.

If you have the 30 minute trial lessons, and then choose not to have additional lessons with the Academy, that is no problem at all.

To book your wedding dance lessons in London, with the London Academy Of Dance, email us at:

If you're interested in private lessons for reasons other than to learn for your wedding and have been searching google for  private dance lessons London, click on the link for more information on our regular private lessons.

Click on the link for information about our beginner ballroom dancing lessons in London in group lesson format.