How Do Ballroom Dancing Classes Work?

How Do Ballroom Dancing Lessons in London work?

All Ballroom dancing lessons in London, which take place at our Canary Wharf studios, are open to anybody regardless of their level of experience. Our classes are informal, relaxed and fun and allow all who attend the chance to easily learn how to dance and enjoy ballroom dancing lessons in London.

Our Ballroom dance lessons in London have been running since 2007 and offer students the chance to start dancing at an established, reputable school which is accredited by the most renown dance teaching associations in the world.

Our ballroom dancing lessons run in a very efficient way which makes it easy for students to book on.

All of the ballroom dancing lessons in London, that are run by the Academy, require "pre booking". We don't run any "drop in" classes and anyone who wants to attend any of the classes or course that we run have to book their place well in advance of the course starting.

We do this so that we know the numbers of the classes in order to avoid the class being too busy.


We offer two different types of courses which are suitable to dancers of different levels. For any complete beginners who are interested in Ballroom dancing lessons in London, they should consider joining our three week Introductory course.

This class teaches a different dance for each of the three weeks giving all participants the chance to try a few different dances and learn the basics of each dance.

Once new students have completed the three week course they can then consider having either private dance lessons in London or, if they prefer the group class environment, they should consider joining our intermediate classes.

For more details on our intermediate classes click here.

No Partner Needed

Although ballroom dancing is partner based, you certainly don't need a partner to start, continue learning or take it as far as you want. All of our ballroom dancing lessons work on the assumption that you don't need a partner to learn and there will also be other people with out partners in the class.

We have many students who have started their dancing with out a partner and have gone on to examination success at Gold level and above, performed at Academy showcases and even competed at and won national events around the country.

No partner? No excuse not to start......

Booking Process

In order to book onto one of our ballroom dancing lessons in London let us know which course you want to join and email us at: