Why Take More Teaching Exams?

Why Take More Teaching Exams?

In this blog, Principal Greg Gillespie, explains the benefits to continuing to take higher level teaching qualifications.

I took my first dance teaching qualification in May 2008. It was an Associate Latin American exam which I took with the ISTD. Although I had been teaching prior to taking this exam, it was only during this process that I realised the importance of dance teaching qualifications. It wasn't that I hadn't cared about my dance teaching prior to this point, taking an exam was just about having the qualification to my name....or so I thought.

A lot of people view teaching qualifications in that same way. Get the qualification and be done with it. 

For me, learning the technique book went from simply "becoming qualified" to really starting to learn the mechanics of dancing. It made me realise that I had only just started to learn about dancing. It also made me a better teacher. It made me have to know, understand and be able to explain the complexities of dancing technique in a simple method. It opened my mind to seeing dancing in a different way and made me realise that if this is what I'd learnt after an Associate what would I learn after taking a Licentiate or Fellowship exam?

Taking a dance teaching qualification is so much more than just "getting qualified". It should empower you as a teacher and dancer, make you more knowledgable and allow you to teach other dancers to high and exacting standards.

From a business point of view, it is also an attractive USP (Unique Selling Point) to differentiate you from your competition. In London there are many dance teachers and even schools who have no teaching qualifications at all so in me getting my first Associate allowed me to market this to potential customers.

There is so much more to taking a dance teaching qualification than just getting qualified. I am a professional member of the IDTA, ISTD and the SDTA. My highest qualification is a Fellowship with the ISTD and having taken numerous exams, with numerous societies my advice is simple: Get qualified and continue learning!!! Its good for you, your business and your students.

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