My Favourite Dance – Rebecca Hadrill

My Favourite Dance 

RebeccaIn this blog, senior teacher Rebecca Hadrill explains why Rumba is her favourite dance. If you're interested in learning to dance the Rumba check out our pages on Private Dance Lessons London or, if you're interested in group classes check out our page Ballroom Dancing Lessons London.

From a very young age I have always been passionate about dancing and I love trying new dance styles. I have danced various forms including ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap and of course ballroom and latin. Having said that, my favourite dance has to be the rumba! The rumba is a slow latin dance and described as being the dance of love and passion. It is very much a body and sensual dance with a lot of controlled hip action. It is such a lovely feeling dancing the rumba and it allows you to really get involved in the dance with your partner.

For the rumba, the music is a simple 4/4 time however, the unique thing about this dance is that we don’t step on the first beat but we dance steps on two –three –four. The first beat gives time for all the lovely hip and body action. The type of hip action we use is a settling action where you shift your hips onto the standing leg. The smaller your base ie footwork , the bigger the action on top which is what we aim to achieve in latin dancing!

The rumba originated in the 16th century in Africa but was later developed and modified in Cuba. Rumba is described as the spirit and soul of Latin dancing with its fascinating rhythms and bodily expressions.

Have a listen to Paul Weller’s song “You do something to me” to get you in the mood for some rumba moves!
At the school we offer various ways of students being able to learn to dance the Rumba. I teach both private students and group classes and at a variety of different levels. When I teach private lessons I often have both single students (male and female) and I also teach couples.

Whats interesting about Rumba is that I often teach the same philosophies of dancing to my pupils even though they may be dancing different choreography as at The London Academy Of Dance, we have a philosophy of always understanding and teaching the underlying fundamental principles which empower both the teacher and the students in how to dance the Rumba to the best of their ability.

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