Gene Kelly – My Favourite Dancer

My Favourite Dancer - Gene Kelly

In this blog post Eddie Slattery discusses why Gene Kelly is his favourite dancer. If you're interested in taking some private dance lessons in London or some ballroom dance lessons then take a look around our site for more information or give us a call on: 0203 151 7450

Gene KellyFor many years now I have been a huge fan of the legendary male dancer, actor, singer , producer and highly skilled choreographer Mr. Gene Kelly.   His strong masculine presence, dance ability, perfectionism and work ethic on stage/in the rehearsal studio and on screen was renowned in the dance industry. 
I remember as a young boy being at my grandparents house and them always having the old musical movies on the TV.  I remember thinking to myself "These strong, athletic, cool guys on TV dancing with beautiful woman, looking suave and always getting the pretty girls.... " I I wanted that." "I bet I could learn do that."I thought, So, when I was given the opportunity to go along my first a dance class at 11 years old, I did ..... and the rest is history. 
I'm a huge fan of his unique, energetic and athletic dance style/ability and  Over the years I have always felt and been subject to that fact that dance is looked upon as a some what 'feminine craft.' Gene Kelly couldn't have been further from this assumption/stereotype of what dance is/was or should be.  He had a very deliberate and masculine athleticism and muscularity to his movement and that was cool to me.
Gene Kelly is Best known today for his performances in films such as 
"An American in Paris." and the very famous "Singin' in the rain."
 he was most certainly a dominant force in world of musical movies.
He wasn't just a movie star. He was came from theatre world and very successfully brought dance to theatres all over America choreographing and performing on Broadway and u.s regional tours before hitting the "big time - Hollywood."

 He was well known for utilising every aspect of a performance space, set and surfaces which made his choreography visually exciting and athletic and I assume that's why I was so inspired and drawn in by it.  It's safe to say There will never be another Gene Kelly; his work continues to resonate with generation after generation of Aspiring dancers (all over the world ) and his works will always be timeless.

I believe He's an inspiration to all male dancers out there and we can only Aim to be even a little bit as cool as he was.

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