Armand Botha Interview

Armand Botha

In this interview, new Principal of The London Academy of Dance, Armand Botha discusses his past, present and future as a dance teacher and how others can benefit from learning to dance.

Q:  Why did you first start dancing? 

A: Because I loved it and it makes me feel good. I also really enjoy socialising, so that’s why I started dancing. 

Q: What do you like about learning to dance, since you’ve started?

A: Well, it gives me the possibility of learning a new skill and at the same time I can challenge myself. Also, it’s really good for my fitness, balance and coordination. 

Q: Would you say it’s easier or harder than what you expected?

A: I would say it was… both. It was mostly easier because I come from a background of movement. So, depending on the skill level, I would say it was a bit easier than I thought it would be. 

Q: What are you going to do next in your dance journey?  

A: I am going to see if I can take on other dances that I’ve never danced before. I think that I have a foundation of dances that I’ve got underneath my belt and I want to see if I can challenge myself in doing other forms of dancing. 

Q: And what would you say to someone who is considering learning to dance?

A: I would say: go for it! It’s a fun way of moving and improving your fitness and coordination and balance.

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