Finding The Right Dance Studio

Finding The Right Dance Studio

Have you been searching the internet for dance studios London? It can a real challenge trying to find the right dance studio in London to attend. If you are looking for the right place to learn to dance, then read our guide below:

If you put a generic search into google for dance studios London, a whole list of dance schools, studios and classes that take place throughout the week show up on page one. They include a wide variety of different styles and levels and can leave the new dance student a little overwhelmed, when searching for dance studios London that would best suit their need.

Dance Style

Start your search by being specific as to what type of dance style you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in Ballroom dancing then make sure you are tying that into the search. Although some dance studios do offer a variety of different dance styles, it is often the case that the schools that offer specific types of dancing often a better bet than those that offer every type of dance class to everyone. 


There are dance studios all over London so look to refine your search based on location. Search for studios in certain areas based on where you work or where you live. Theres no point in looking for studios that are located in an inconvenient part of London.


Classes and lessons across London usually run at very specific levels. Just because a class in a particular style and in a convenient location takes places, doesn't mean you should be singing up. Always check the level of the class and if in doubt, contact the dance studio in question. You don't want to be booked onto a class if its too advanced or even too basic.

The London Academy Of Dance

When you search dance studios London on the internet, you'll have lots of locations to choose from. We consider our studio to be one off, if not the best in London. 

We have a range of group classes throughout the week and our private lessons are available seven days a week.

All of our teachers are experienced instructors and hold dance teaching qualifications with the worlds leading dance teaching authorities such as the IDTA, ISTD and SDTA.

For more information about our classes and tuition, please feel free to have a look around our website.

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