Should I Train To Teach? – Part 1

Should I Train To Teach? Part 1

The answer is yes and the reasons are simple: for knowledge, assurance and expertise.

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Dance teacher training can be really misunderstood by prospective dance teachers. Firstly, the dance industry is an unregulated industry. This means that unlike other industries such as, for example the medical professional, those who want to make a career or charge for their expertise don't have to have any recognised qualifications. The medical and financials industries are regulated. This means that there are stringent laws and qualifications on who can practice as a professional in that industry.

Being unregulated means that in the dance industry, anyone can teach. Not only that, anyone can open a school.

Whilst the dance industry is unregulated, it is highly advisable that anyone wanting to enter the dance industry as a teacher or a business owner has certain qualifications and is qualified and associated with a highly reputable dance association.


You would be amazed at the number of dancers that think they have the ability to teach. But lets be clear, there is a huge difference between someones ability to dance and their ability to teach and vice versa. The best dancers don't always make the best teachers and the best teachers were often never the best dancers.

On thing is for sure and that is by taking teaching exams, regardless of your ability as a dancer, as a teacher you knowledge will increase.

All people who take teaching exams always remark that they wished they had taken the exams years ago and that they have learnt so much from the process.


As a potential dance teacher you will be far more attractive to a studio than someone without any qualifications. It shows you have integrity, it shows you have knowledge and it also shows a reputable dance teaching organisation are happy to confirm that your ability is to a certain level.

For the teacher that doesn't have this stamp of approval, they have no way of proving what it is they are claiming to know.

In short, taking a dance teacher training qualification will make you more attractive to potential employers.

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