Should I Train to Teach – Part 2

Should I Train to Teach - Part 2

Following on from a previous post, here is part 2 on why you should train if you want to be a dance teacher.

Training to be a dance teacher with recognised qualifications is really important. It gives the dance teacher numerous benefits which should help them teach better, dance better, attract students and gain employment. For more information on our dance teacher training course, click on the link to visit the relevant page.

Attractive To Customers

Having a teaching qualification is attractive to potential customers. In short, its a USP: A unique Selling Point. It differentiates you from other teachers and your business or school from its competitors. The more qualifications you have the more attractive it is for a customer.

Would you ever go and hire someone with professional skills if they had no evidence, other than what they tell you, that they are any good at what they do?

Whilst there are some dance teachers out there that do that. Do you want to be one of those? Do you want to be in a position where other than what you say, no one can see any evidence to know what you're saying is correct? Even if it is?

Stamp Of Quality

No only does it give you confirmation of your knowledge, it gives you an association to a leading industry body. This is what is called in other industries as a stamp of quality, approval or even a trust badge. It signifies your professional membership and assures a creating level of quality.

Access to a Society and its benefits

Being a qualified teacher also gives you access to other benefits. You can attend congress on a yearly or sometimes monthly basis where you can learn new skills and increase your level of knowledge in that chosen dance style.

You can meet other like minded individuals who share the same interests, issues and views.

It can open other doors such as the chance the lecture or even other careers and opportunities within the society. An example of this would be to sit on the faculty board or become an examiner.

There are so many benefits not just for your students and your business but also for you in taking teaching qualifications and joining a recognised and reputable dance teaching society.


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