What Is A Dance Exam Board?

What Is A Dance Exam Board?

This blog will explain what a dance exam board is and the many benefits they offer to students and teachers alike.

A dance exam board is an organisation which offers and overseas professional dance membership and exams along with amateur exams and in some cases membership as well. Some societies are private limited companies, others are registered charities.

The structure of the societies can vary from organisation to organisation but most will have some kind of "board of directors" who are the heads of departments or are individual members who have been elected to serve on the board for a period of time. Along with the CEO of the organisation, the board with guide the business in what they feel is the right direction.

Societies also have "Faculties" which are usually elected members, who specialise in that dance style, who sit on the faculty board and discuss and address issues related to that dance style and syllabus with in the society. For example, the ISTD, has two main faculties, Dance Sport and Theatre and with in these are five and seven sub faculties respectively. 

Each society will also offer some type of congress either in London or around the country which will offer lectures, workshops and support in that particular dance style for its professional members. This gives members the chance to take new ideas, choreography and information back to their schools, teachers and students. Some societies even invite amateur dancers to attend and take part in lectures and workshops. 

In essence a dance society is a fantastic thing to get involved with. As a professional teacher it offers so many benefits across areas beyond just dancing. For the amateur dancer it offers a structured progression through a recognised, respected and world known dance syllabus.

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Principal of The London Academy of Dance, Greg Gillespie, is a member of the ISTD, IDTA, SDTA and other professional dance organisations such as the WDC and BDC.

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