Who Are the ISTD?

The ISTD are one of the oldest and most respected dance societies in the World. 

Established in 1904 at the Hotel Cecil in Covent Garden, the ISTD are now one of the most famous and respected dance authorities, across numerous dance styles, in the world.

The ISTD offer gradings and examinations for amateur and professional dancers across all of their dance styles. The society has two main Faculties: Dancesport and Theatre.

The Dancesport faculty covers five different sub faculties of dance: Ballroom, Latin American, Club Dance, Classical Sequence and Freestyle.

The Theatre Faculty has seven different sub faculties which are: Tap, National, Modern, Classical Ballet, Classical Indian, Classical Greek and Cecchetti Classical Ballet.

Amateur dancers can take examinations and grades in their chosen dance style which will offer them a structured progression from a beginner up to a high standard of dancing. Each dance faculty has a different name for each of the levels but in essence, the ISTD offer a series of examinations that test the dancers ability at each given level. Upon completion, the dancer will then be able to move on to the next level where they will leaner more steps, or figures or choreography at the higher grade.

Professional dancers can become members of the association by passing one of their professional exams. Each faculty runs its professional exams in a different way but for the Ballroom and Latin American faculties, there are three levels of examination. These are: Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship.

Successfully passing an Associate exam will enable the teacher to be able to join the ISTD. As a member they will benefit from being part of the of the world's leading and most reputable associations and all that comes with it.

Although the ISTD is primarily famous for its Ballet grades and syllabus, other areas of the society are world leaders in their own right such as the Dance Sport faculties of Ballroom and Latin American dance styles.

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