What To Expect In A Dance Exam

What To Expect In A Dance Exam

The idea of taking an exam is daunting for some but this blog aims to describe exactly what to expect when taking a dance exam.

Firstly, dancing, regardless of the style danced or ability of the dancer, should be fun. A dance examination is no exception, it should be enjoyable.

Whilst there may be nerves, the nerves should really be because its your first exam and you don't know what to expect. After experiencing your first exam, all future exams should be enjoyable.....as long as you have prepared properly of course.

All schools run their exams slightly differently and depending on what association they are with (ISTD, IDTA etc) the format and system may also slightly differ.

For the London Academy of Dance, all exams are private. This means that only the examiner, the candidate and the teacher are in there room. There are no spectators allowed. Some schools make their exam sessions a type of event where friends and family can come and watch and the student will dance with an audience of people watching.

Also the type of dance style may also have an effect on the way that an exam or exam session is run. For example, if a school runs street dance classes for children and there are twenty children in a class all of whom are dancing the same routine, then the school may opt to have all twenty children take their exam at the same time.

In this instance the children would all wear a number so that the examiner can identify each candidate. The dancing may be slightly longer in duration than if there were only one candidate in the room as the examiner still needs to have enough time to mark each dancer for their respective exam.

If you are taking an exam with a school and you want to find out more about how it works, ask your teacher or speak to the Principal as all schools run their exams in a different way. 

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