Dancer vs Teacher

In this blog post, TLAD Principal Greg Gillespie, explains the difference between a dancer and a dance teacher and why those looking for an instructor should know the difference.

There are lots of fantastic dancers in the dance industry, regardless of the genre of dance in question. Whether its that the dancer has won countless major championships or has played to acclaimed audiences around the world, its does not mean that the dancer will be a good teacher.

It is of course obvious that the acclaimed or successful dancer is more likely to have high level knowledge and experience which other dancers can benefit from, but it does not mean that they are a good teacher.

I have so often heard dancers say that they went and had a lessons with a particular superstar in the dance world only to be disappointed by it. More often than not they are disappointed as the famous dancer has the ability to dance themselves but not the ability to understand exactly what it is that makes them so good, how to communicate that to a pupil or how to understand and analyse the specific issues of the student in front of them.

It is also the case that some of the worlds leading dance teachers were never very successful dancers themselves in their own career. Of course one can define what success is and isn't, but the point is that often the top dancers of today are coached, trained and guided by teachers who, in their own careers as dancers, were not in the high position of those they now train in their own dancing careers.

There are certain key factors that make a great dance teacher, which is explained in another blog, but the point I want to convey here is that the dancer who has the most "glory" or success in their chosen field is not always the best choice of someone to train with.

Whilst there are many dance teachers who were very successful dancers and are very successful teachers, the person who has the most accolade and trophies might not be the best person to learn from. After all, the trophies and accolades they were awarded were for their dancing and not their teaching.

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