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My Favourite Dance – Rebecca Hadrill

My Favourite Dance  In this blog, senior teacher Rebecca Hadrill explains why Rumba is her favourite dance. If you're interested in learning to dance the Rumba check out our pages on Private Dance Lessons London or, if you're interested in group classes check out our page Ballroom Dancing Lessons London. From a very young age…
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Leading and Following

Leading and Following - By Rebecca Hadrill Senior teacher, Rebecca Hadrill, writes a fantastic blog on the art of leading and following in Latin American dancing. Rebecca's experience as a teacher clearly shines through in this explanation of the rights and wrongs of one of the most misunderstood subjects in dancing. Rebecca is available for…
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People Who Have Influenced My Career

People Who Have Influenced My Career In this weeks blog, Dan Tolley discusses who has influenced him in his career as a dancer and teacher. From the passion his Mum had to dance to a teacher at school who had energy and inspiration. For more information about the private dance lessons we offer or other…
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