What To Expect – Our Introductory Classes

What To Expect - Our Introductory Classes

In this blog we'll explain what you can expect from joining our 4 week Introductory classes.

Our Introductory classes have been successfully running since the school first started in 2005. In fact, it was this course that actually was the school in 2005 as it was the only class we offered.

Try Different Dance styles

The idea behind the class is that it gives new students the chance to try a dance from each of the main dance styles. This means that having experienced just a taster of the main dance styles that students can then make an informed choice as to what it is they want to learn next.


Week one starts with the Waltz and week two continues with the Foxtrot. These two classic Ballroom dances are easier to master than people often think.


Week three introduces the Rumba. This slow Latin American dance includes underarm turns and hip actions.


The final class in week four sees our students dance the Salsa. By far the most commonly danced style in London, our Salsa class will teach the basic steps and enable our students to go straight to the Salsa clubs after just 60 minutes.

Our Pledge

We passionate believe that everyone has the ability to dance. It is simply walking and counting. What changes with each dance style is the way we count and the way we walk. Its quite a simple thing to do and everyone can do it.

If you can't do it, it's not you. Its your teacher! 

Contact Us

For more information on our Introductory classes please visit the relevant page on our website.

Other Courses

As a school we offer a variety if different courses and lessons. Our most popular are our private dance lessons which are ideal for those who are looking to accelerate their learning.

Another series of classes we offer are our dance teacher training courses. As an accredited dance school we are able to train and put candidates through professional exams. For more information on the courses click on the link above to visit the relevant page.

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