If you’re looking for a way to get fitter and healthier with out the need for sweat bands and running shoes then Ballroom and Latin American dancing is definitely the answer.

Ballroom dancing can be anything from a light and gentle paced work out to an intense session of activity that will see you sweat and ache like never before. Depending upon your age, ability and targets you can make Ballroom and Latin American dancing a personal work out that is not only fun to do but immensely social and a unique skill which can be used at events and celebrations all over the world.

The versatility of learning to dance is one of its selling points in that it can be adapted to each and every student who wants to learn. From an 80 year old pensioner to an 18 year old student, Ballroom and Latin American dancing is suitable for all and can be uniquely to each individuals targets and abilities.

For those who want to take their dancing to competition or performance level, you can expect to see a huge change to the toning of their body, an improvement to their cardiovascular ability and a change in their posture and alignment.

It really can be a fantastic way to keep fit and stay in shape whilst also having fun at the same time.

The only thing to note about using Ballroom and Latin American dancing as an alternative way of keeping fit is that its primary role is not to sweat and improve ones physicality. Although it can and often does do this, it comes from the student learning, training and applying the correct principles of dance which then creates the health benefits as a bonus. In essence, if you train to be a great dancer you will get fit and see all of the health benefits associated with this style of dancing but if you try dancing with only the wish of getting fit in comparison to Zumba or other such exercise classes then you will be disappointed.

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