Ballroom Dancing Lessons – FAQ

Ballroom Dancing Lessons in London - FAQ

Below is a list of all the frequently asked questions regarding ballroom dancing lessons in London with The London Academy Of Dance. If theres something that you would like to know, that isn't listed below, then please feel free to contact us for more information.

We offer a series of different Ballroom dancing lessons in London at our base in Canary Wharf. Although the series of classes differ regarding what is taught, the basic principles of our classes remain the same.

How Do I Book?

All of the Ballroom dancing lessons in London, that we offer, are by appointment only. Students must pre register for group classes and private lesson students must have received a confirmation email with a date and time from the office or their teacher before attending the Academy. Students are not allowed to simply turn up for any classes or tuition.

What Sort Of Classes Do You Offer?

We offer ballroom dancing lessons in London in the form of private lessons or group tuition. If you're interested in private dance lessons in London then click on the link for more information.

If you're interested in group classes, re suggest that beginners join our three week Introductory course and more experienced dancers join our intermediate classes.

Can I Come And Watch?

No. We don't allow any spectators in the school.

Can I Drop In?

No. All pupils must have pre booked on a class or course.

Can I Register In Person At The Academy?

No. All pupils have to have received confirmation from our offices before attending.

What If I Can't Come To A Course I've Pre Booked On?

Sadly, due to the high demand for our ballroom dancing lessons in London, we can't offer students other classes if they miss a class they have pre booked on. Please see our cancellation policy for more information. All schools who run ballroom dancing lessons in London will have cancellation policies.

Can I Change My Mind After Joining The Class?

It depends on what ballroom dancing lessons in London who have booked on so look at our cancellation policy for more information.

Do You Have A Cancellation Policy?

Introductory and intermediate Course: All payments are non refundable but we have a 72 hour transfer policy which allows students who have paid for a course, to move to another course as long as it is not with in 72 hours of the start of the original course that was booked.

Private Lessons: We have a 48 hour cancellation policy and all pre paid packages are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.