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Armand Botha Interview

Armand Botha In this interview, new Principal of The London Academy of Dance, Armand Botha discusses his past, present and future as a dance teacher and how others can benefit from learning to dance. Q:  Why did you first start dancing?  A: Because I loved it and it makes me feel good. I also really…
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Dancer vs Teacher

Dancer vs Teacher In this blog post, TLAD Principal Greg Gillespie, explains the difference between a dancer and a dance teacher and why those looking for an instructor should know the difference. There are lots of fantastic dancers in the dance industry, regardless of the genre of dance in question. Whether its that the dancer…
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What Is A Dance Exam Board?

What Is A Dance Exam Board? This blog will explain what a dance exam board is and the many benefits they offer to students and teachers alike. A dance exam board is an organisation which offers and overseas professional dance membership and exams along with amateur exams and in some cases membership as well. Some societies…
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Why Take More Teaching Exams?

Why Take More Teaching Exams? In this blog, Principal Greg Gillespie, explains the benefits to continuing to take higher level teaching qualifications. I took my first dance teaching qualification in May 2008. It was an Associate Latin American exam which I took with the ISTD. Although I had been teaching prior to taking this exam,…
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