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Why I Enjoy Wedding Dances

Why I Enjoy Wedding Dances

Eddie Eddie Slattery explains why he enjoys teaching couples who are learning to dance for their big day. if you're interested in learning to dance for your wedding click on our page: wedding dance lessons London for more information.

Wedding dance lessons are a lot of fun for me mainly because I thoroughly enjoy the vast array of different styles, rhythmical and musical requests I get from swing styles ( West Coast / Jive, Ceroc), Lindy hop, bachata, waltz, foxtrot, rumba and salsa and even fun party piece medleys,  all dependant on my couples personalities and what they dream up for that crucial first dance. 
It's sometimes a welcomed little breather from dancing the slightly more set figures I am used to within our ballroom and Latin syllabus books ( which I love) 
but, it is a fun little change to have the freedom to explore and really personalise and deliver a unique and individual wedding dance suited for each couple who come and take their lessons with me at the London academy of dance. 
Another reason I really enjoy  choreographing wedding dances is the personal aspect of it. The meeting and really getting to know all of my couples, their quirky traits, their funny stories and the those awkward silences (when one takes it much more seriously than the other and the get frustrated with one another) then having to remind them first and foremost the main reason we ate here to dance is because it's "fun" and also the whole experience is meant to be a enjoyable, it's a bonding activity for them to really enjoy as part of the pre wedding planning and build up.
It's usually a very exciting time for my couples, especially as the wedding gets closer and I love how happy and care free they are in their lessons. 
They're always buzzing with anticipation and excitement of perhaps travelling across the world to their home towns to have a wedding with all the family and friends or perhaps having the family and friends travelling to them here in London or various other places over the U.K., Europe and World.
Every couple that comes to us, does so with a different expectation. Some just want to be able to step and sway on time with the music and for us to add some structure to their routines with a few fun twists and turns and a little crowd pleaser to end. Other pupils want to create a full West End production or a strictly come dancing final style piece of work, either way I really enjoy meeting and working with them all and we genuinely strike up a good friendship during the lessons.

I wish them all the luck and best in the world and a few of them enjoy it so much they come back after the wedding and continue dancing with us choosing to further their dancing, knowledge and skills and learning some of the Latin American and Ballroom dance styles. 
I have met a lot of great couples this past year and it really does make the job very enjoyable. If you’re a passed couple, reading this blog, I hope you're well and if your thinking about taking lessons, I look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.


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