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Are You Looking for Wedding Dance Lessons London?

One of our teachers, Dan Tolley, has written this terrific blog about his own experience of having wedding dance lessons in London. Since learning to dance for his wedding, we are thrilled that Dan has now become one of our teachers.  Greg Gillespie - Principal

Dan Tolley's Experience Of His Own Wedding Dance

Upon hearing of our engagement, all of our friends and family responded with “oh I bet your first dance is going to be amazing!” “No pressure”, Sophie and I would respond knowing that they were right and that a simple awkward shuffle set to Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing would not suffice our guests’ appetite. Though we have both danced all of our lives, Sophie sought us extra lessons with the London Academy of Dance, which owing to my own ego; I thought a waste of time. I was wrong. Very wrong. And in that swift decision, I learned my first lesson as a nearly-married man… That the lady is always right. I was very keen to perform an elegant Waltz while Sophie had bigger plans of a four dance medley showcase extravaganza! A discussion I quickly conceded, after all, the lady is always right! We had three lessons in the studio and put in countless hours of private practice at home, something that I highly recommend to all of my first dance clients, even if it is just once every few days. The more practice you put in, the less of a worry the first dance will be so you can fully relax, or like me, stress about other things like speeches and surprising your new wife with a song. After our first dance, I remember feeling amazing, all the guests commented on how wonderful the choreography was and we even brought the mum’s to tears. All the hard work and effort was worth it and I’m so glad that Sophie was right all along.

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