How Do Private Dance Lessons Work?

How do Private Dance Lessons Work?

Private dance lessons in London, with The London Academy Of Dance, take place at our state of the art dance studios in Canary Wharf. They are available seven days a week and you can learn any style of partnered dancing to a level of your choosing. With our team of experienced teachers, you'll be in safe hands. You can visit our dedicated page private dance lessons London for even more information on how it all works.

When you book a private dance lesson you get the undivided attention of one of our teachers. The main different between private dance lessons in London and a group class is that in the group class the teacher has to consider everybody taking part and can only really teach to the ability of the lowest standard in the group. Private dance lessons however, enable you to have the teachers attention focused solely on you.

Week Day Availability

During the week, private dance lessons are available from 4pm until the last slot from 9-10pm. The reason why we don't offer private dance lessons during the day is that all of the teachers at The London Academy Of Dance are full time competitive dancers and we use the day time for us to train for our competitions. We are then available to teach private dance lessons during the late afternoon until 10pm. 4-5pm is the earliest available time slot.

Weekend Availability

At the weekend, we do run some group lessons but as a general rule, private dance lessons are available from 10am - 6pm. Some weekends, the Academy do run other classes which can affect the availability for private lessons but weekend lessons will always be available.
All dance lessons are subject to the availability of our teachers and booking is essential.

Cancellation Policy

Due to how busy our teachers can be, we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Should you need to cancel or move a scheduled private dance lesson, we need two days notice otherwise we have to charged for the missed lesson.

Male and Female Teachers

The London Academy of Dance have a team of male and female teachers. All instructors are experienced dancers and teachers and depending on your dance aims, we will be able to match you with an instructor who can help you achieve your dancing goals.

Pay As You Go or Prepaid Package?

Private dance lessons are available by either paying for single lessons or purchasing a discounted package of lessons. Each month we run different promotions but our regular package of private dance lessons are for 10 lessons which is better value than purchasing single lessons on the Pay As You Go rate.

Our Instructors, although experienced dancers and teachers themseleves, are on a level which is subject to how long they have been working for The London Academy Of Dance. These three levels (Junior, Senior and Principal) offer different rates for private dance lessons.

Wedding Dance Lessons

If you're looking for wedding dance lessons then take a look at our webpages on wedding dances. We've taught hundreds of people to dance for their wedding.

How Do We Book?

Booking private dance lessons through The London Academy of Dance is really easy. All you have to do is contact by email at:
Students can call us on: 0203 151 7450 but please be aware that this number is our answerphone service allowing students to leave their contcat details. Our administrator will then call you back asap.

We also offer group classes so for those interested in learning in a group environment you should visit our dedicated page at ballroom dancing lessons London.