Dance Teacher Training – Why TLAD?

Why Take Dance Teacher Training with TLAD?

The London Academy of Dance offers unrivalled benefits for those who take dance teacher training with the school. Below are just a few of those benefits.
Lowest Cost

There are two ways to take dance teaching qualifications. This can be done through private  tuition or attending dance teacher training courses, like the ones offered by The London Academy of Dance. 

Private tuition can be very expensive and cost is often the main barrier for those wanting to take dance teaching qualifications through private tuition. 

Group classes will not only be better value but the training offered by The London Academy of Dance, is the lowest cost teacher training courses in London.

Small Class Sizes

Our courses are limited to just 10 places. This means that our students will achieve the most support and time with our expert staff than any other class in London.

Along side the low cost of the course, the small class size offers the highest value in terms of what students will gain from our courses.

High Quality Teachers

The London academy of dance has been teaching people to teach and to dance since 2005. Principal Greg Gillespie is an ISTD Fellow and member of the IDTA, SDTA, BDF and WDC. He is a former British champion and has lectured across numerous dance styles for both the ISTD and IDTA.

Greg Gillespie selects and teaches all instructors at TLAD so you can be assured that you are experiencing the highest quality dance teaching available in London.

We provide all course materials

All training courses offered by TLAD, include the cost of the IDTA text books along with all course materials such as pens and notepads. All our students need to bring are their dance shoes, a positive attitude and some hard work.

Post Graduation Support

We offer all of our students a range of post graduation benefits such as the chance to attend other TLAD training courses with a special discount.

We also offer our students the chance to have a free consultation with the TLAD business experts for those wishing to open their own school or start running their own classes.

We have also offered past teacher training students the chance to join the ranks as a TLAD teacher.

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