Dance Teacher Training – Why is it important?

Dance Teacher Training - Why is it important?

Dance teacher training can be really misunderstood by prospective dance teachers. This page explains just some of the benefits of being qualified.

Firstly, the dance industry is an unregulated industry. This means that unlike other industries such as, for example the medical professional, those who want to make a career or charge for their expertise don't have to have any recognised qualifications. The medical and financials industries are regulated. This means that there are stringent laws and qualifications on who can practice as a professional in that industry.

Whilst the dance industry is unregulated, it is highly advisable that anyone wanted to enter the dance industry as a teacher or a business owner has certain qualifications and is qualified and associated with a highly reputable dance association.

For knowledge

The content of dance teacher training qualifications, such as with the IDTA and ISTD mean that, regardless of your background in dancing, you will learn something. It is almost impossible that anyone who has gone through the training for an associate, licentiate or fellowship exam hasn't learnt something of benefit.

Taking a teaching qualification will make you as a teacher more knowledgeable and therefore you will have more to teach your students.


It does depend on what market you teach in, but for The London Academy of Dance, it gives us as a school a unique selling point over other schools. A school which has or trains its teachers to have teaching qualifications is more attractive to a new student than one that has no credentials at all.


As a teacher, having a teaching qualification makes you far more attractive to a potential employer than a teacher without any qualifications. The London Academy of Dance receives requests from prospective teachers on a regular basis but we are always more interested in those that have teaching qualifications over those who don't.

Our Courses

If you're interested in the various dance teacher training courses we offer, have a look at our dedicated page on our website. Teacher training courses are offered in a variety of different dance styles so please contact us if you have any questions.